Strategic Leadership Solutions works with councils, boards, and organizations to build a culture of excellence in leadership and governance.

We pride ourselves on being exceptionally creative, dynamic, and complexly layered in our approach to functional governance and differentiated leadership.  By facilitating conversations that encourage meaningful dialogue and challenge standardized assumptions, we can help governing bodies transition from strategic vision to practical action. We offer a wide variety of consulting, advisory, and coaching services that use a combination of pragmatic and imaginative approaches. Our distinctive blend of academic credentials and lived experience both in government and business make us highly skilled at systemic analysis, and able to craft workable solutions.  We recognize that every client is unique and requires a personalized approach. Our calling card has been to leave organizations with a greater state of focus, with increased clarity and purpose, and with a workable road map towards higher functionality.  Our strategic thinking and strong analytical skills, combined with genuine caring, contribute to our track record of exceptional results.

By way of introduction, my name is Christina Benty and after two terms as mayor for the Town of Golden and two terms as a councillor, I chose to retire from local government with my sights on new horizons. You can quit your job but you can’t quit your calling. I am passionate about policy governance, leadership development, asset management and community engagement with over 16 years’ of policy governance experience spanning from health care, government, information technology, and community planning. During my tenure as mayor, I completed a Masters of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University with a research project on engaging the community in sustainable service delivery and the infrastructure gap. 

I have joined forces with current town councillor, Caleb Moss.  You can have the best strategic plan and the finest staff to carry it out but if the governing body is unclear about its roles and responsibilities, the organization can unwittingly become dysfunctional. We can help make sure that doesn’t happen. Caleb is a dynamic, amusing, and sophisticated consultant with nearly 20 years of practice with higher level systems theory.  He has time spent as a high school teacher, family therapist, business owner, consultant, and a municipal councillor. 

Having navigated through some of the most economically challenging times, we have witnessed firsthand what can go right and what can go wrong within organizations. We understand the importance of cultivating a council that leads by governing and not managing. 
Our investigative consulting approach will create a space for important conversations and shine a light on delicate issues. In our high energy facilitation style, we can build a session for your governing body that is customized, relevant, and addresses the following:

  • Equip individuals and organizations to become successful leaders who thrive in uncertainty
  • Build the groundwork for high performance relationships
  • Involve the right people and ask the right questions
  • Establish clearly defined roles and healthy feedback structures
  • Identify friction points and create functional group process
  • Bridge the past to the present and the present to the desired future
  • Pursue positive and lasting structural change
  • Define a clear mandate and strategic objectives
  • Establish performance measures and targets to track progress
  • Focus on organizational capacity and match resources with strategic priorities

It has been our observation that at times, external consultants are brought in to work with local governments with little to no personal lived experience. This has led to work that is template driven and relates more to semi-relevant public sector agencies or the private sector. As such, the trademark of our work is to personalize each and every working workshop to fit the unique identity of the engaged community.  Though it is more labour intensive for us, we believe that cookie cutter workshops do not maximize either time or resources of the client.  The result is a less than ideal, and seldom a dynamic experience.

A somewhat unique piece that we build into all of our work is a built in follow up system. We have found that the best results often take interpreting and integration of information, and systemic change that comes on after the allotted consultation/workshop hours.  We build in time to help translate the necessary systemic shifts and troubleshooting residual problem areas.  This helps build in a greater probability of successful long term change.  We believe this is a responsible and highly positive manner of conducting business.

I look forward to hearing how we can help you and your council navigate through the process of transition to become a high functioning team.


Christina Benty

About Us

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The mission of Strategic Leadership Solutions is to inspire and activate excellence in local government through leadership development, governance training, organizational functionality, and asset management advocacy.  We provide our clients with an entertaining, unique, and intellectually challenging experience that leaves organizations in a greater state of focus, clarity, and purpose. 


“As most of our council was newly elected officials, we have made many mistakes and blunders as we adapted to our new role as councillors.  I would say one of the biggest mistakes  we made was not bringing in Christina and Caleb to consult with our team sooner.  Their experience and dedication to our team shaved literal years off of our learning curve.  Their governance workshop allowed each of our councillors to truly understand our roles and empowered us to lead the way the system was designed.  They are worth every penny; so much so, I told them to start charging more - once our term is over of course.” 

~ Scott Duke
​Councillor for the City of Revelstoke

“Christina Benty and her business associate, Caleb Moss, facilitated a one day seminar on the role of council and the role of staff. It was a very well planned presentation with some humor and gave council an insight on the differing responsibilities between them and staff. It was a very professional approach on important topic. I would recommend them if asked.” 

~ Leo Facio
Mayor of Harrison Hot Springs, BC

“The Board of Directors and the Senior Management of the Columbia Valley Credit Union thanks you for the challenges and decisions you helped us work through in our Annual Strategic Planning process. You are skilled, dynamic and entertaining facilitators. True to your proposal you kept things interesting, relevant and real. You delivered a refreshingly unique experience rather than a template driven workshop. Your capacity to elicit the enthusiastic participation of all Board and Senior Management participants led to a fruitful and fun day of planning. Please add us to your list of satisfied clients. We are pleased to recommend Strategic Leadership Solutions to organizations looking to build governance and leadership capability.” 

~ Paul Ricard, Chair
Columbia Valley Credit Union

"Strategic Leadership Solutions no-nonsense approach to best practices is so refreshing; Christina and Caleb's knowledge of municipal governance and the roles and responsibilities of elected officials and administration is exceptional. Their workshop was extremely informative and fun and probably wasn't exactly what some wanted to hear, but it sure was what they needed to hear."

~ Jim Regimbal
Fire Chief for Dawson City, Yukon​