combination of pragmatic and imaginative approaches. Our distinctive blend of academic credentials and lived experience both in government and business make us highly skilled at systemic analysis, and able to craft workable solutions.

We recognize that every client is unique and requires a personalized approach. Our calling card has been to leave organizations with a greater state of focus, with increased clarity and purpose, and with a workable road map towards higher functionality. Our strategic thinking and strong analytical skills, combined with genuine caring, contribute to our track

record of exceptional results.

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"Christina Benty is an outstanding speaker, facilitator and motivationalist who possesses a truly rare and unique gift – a vibrant combination of positivity and passion so powerful and compelling you leave each interaction energized and inspired to meaningful action.   Having had the privilege of listening to Christina speak in a number of forums, I am always impressed with her ability to engage and captivate an audience – no matter what the topic.
From a personal leadership development journey, I deeply appreciate Christina’s naturally engaging style and her ability to create a rich and safe environment to explore all aspects of a situation.  With thoughtful, probing, yet challenging questions, Christina helps you develop an honest and accurate assessment of the leadership challenges and your role and responsibility as a leader in addressing them.

By her very nature, Christina adds value to every conversation, engagement and experience and is committed to bringing out the very best in people and organizations."

~ Greg Ehman, President, Golden Rotary Club International


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Want to build a culture of excellence in leadership and governance?

We can help

  • Equip individuals and organizations to become successful leaders who thrive in uncertainty
  • Build foundations for high performance relationships
  • Involve the right people and ask the right questions
  • Establish clearly defined roles and healthy feedback structures
  • Identify friction points and create functional group process
  • Bridge the past to the present and the present to the desired future
  • Pursue positive and lasting structural change
  • Define a clear mandate and strategic objectives
  • Establish performance measures and targets to track progress
  • Focus on organizational capacity and match resources with strategic priorities

We work with councils, boards and organizations to build a culture of excellence in leadership and governance. By facilitating conversations that encourage meaningful dialogue and challenge standardized assumptions, we can help you transition from strategic vision to practical action. We offer a wide variety of consulting, advisory, and coaching services that use a