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Christina Benty, MA

Christina Benty, MA is a speaker, facilitator, published author and a performance coach for governing bodies and senior management teams who want to develop a culture of high performance. Her superpower is that she can deliver intellectual content with energy and enthusiasm. As former Mayor for the Town of Golden, her leadership journey forced her to face her own resistance to uncertainty and discomfort. Now she uses her lived experience to help others develop their own leadership muscles, welcome curiosity into discomfort and expose the stories that keep us out of partnership and out of collaboration. She does it in the political arena where power dynamics, hierarchies, and competitive ‘us and them’ thinking is a risk to all of us.

Christina has over 16 years’ experience on numerous policy governance boards spanning from health care, government, information technology, and community planning. She is the newest member of the Audit Council for the Auditor General for Local Government. Her passion for good governance is evident in her chosen profession as the owner of Strategic Leadership Solutions, a consulting firm designed to assist teams in building a culture of excellence in leadership and governance.

In addition to her lived experience in the political arena, she studied political science for her undergrad and completed her MA in Leadership at Royal Roads University. She is a certified Power + Systems Organizational Workshop Trainer, an experiential learning methodology designed to expose and transform system blindness. Christina has developed and facilitated numerous governance/asset management/service delivery education sessions and roundtable discussions. She has worked across the country informing, educating and engaging local governments on roles and responsibilities as well as sustainable service delivery challenges and opportunities. Christina uses a variety of methodologies to stimulate group dialogue. She focuses on the importance of building a common language and understanding that allows local governments to address their complex issues in a collaborative manner.

Christina is passionate about internal and external leadership development, organizational culture and change management.  She believes in the importance of cultivating leaders who lead from the inside out. After her wealth of time spent living within the world of local government, she recognizes the need for relevant coaching and consulting to assist teams and individuals in understanding their roles to achieve their goals.  Check out Christina’s TEDX Talk on Leadership here:

Leadership pillars:

  1. ​​Knowledge Sponge: Always be learning.
  2. ​Disciplined Integrator: Always be amalgamating your learning into your being.
  3. ​Intuitive Strategist: Pay attention to your inner knowing.
  4. ​Systems Focused: See the big picture from the balcony while not losing touch with the gallery.
  5. ​​Everything is better with joy: It’s gotta be fun!

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Caleb Moss, MA

Caleb is a dynamic, amusing, and sophisticated consultant with nearly 20 years of practice with higher level systems theory. With a diverse background that includes time spent as a high school teacher, family therapist, semi-pro baseball player, spoken word poet, bookstore owner, consultant, and as a municipal councillor, Caleb has collected a breadth of rich experience from which to draw.  His professional work is characterized by a thorough understanding of policy governance with an ability to synthesize diverse information into workable, strategic, and, most importantly, understandable and applicable frameworks.  He has a proven track record in planning and implementing organizational change.  Key areas of recent success include a re-envisioning of a community arts and culture service delivery model partnered with local government, with the end result being provincially and nationally recognized excellence.  He is highly skilled in being able to both deconstruct complex systems and delineate what need be implemented to bring about change.

Caleb understands local government, is able to find the critical points where tempering is possible, and loves to find innovative and creative means of transforming limitations into new opportunities. His formal education includes a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioural Science with a focus on Leadership in Human Systems from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, a professional Teachers Degree from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelors Degree in Behavioural Psychology from University of Victoria.

Caleb Moss, MA

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