Do you find yourself serving as an elected official, or member of a board of directors? Do you find the experience to be somewhat frustrating?

Does decision-making criteria seem unclear? Are you struggling to get goals implemented? Are bigger ideals getting lost in the shuffle? Does communication with the board chair, the staff, each other and the community seem less than fantastic? 

We have been there...wrestled with it....had to dig 

We get it. We are familiar with the pitfalls. We understand the complexity of the system and we know how to set councils/municipal governments/boards up to succeed. We consider ourselves experts at cleaning up, clarifying and creating highly functional systems of leadership.

We have extensive professional lived experience and an impeccable track record of successful intervention and implementation.

We don't just deliver another workshop.  Each systemic leadership experience is tailored to fit the situational specifics of the group at hand.  We are equally adept at governance training, leadership coaching, complex problem solving, organizational strategic alignment, mediation, managerial recruitment, and systems change.

We know how to help you get the most out of your time in your position of leadership and responsibility. Don’t settle for status quo. Stop sighing and soldiering on.  Put that frustration to bed and give us a call.

We promise you a challenging, thought provoking, fully engaged and change inducing experience that will make invested individuals clearer, purposeful, strategic and more sophisticated in their leadership, and will produce substantial long term organizational "awesomeness".


Focusing on organizational capacity and matching resources with strategic priorities.


Establishment of clearly defined roles and communication protocol.

Christina Benty

Asset Management

Infrastructure stewardship, sustainable service delivery and integrated planning.

Excuse me. Yes, you.

Team Building

Team development and foundational building for high performance relationships.

GROUp Process 

Determination of functional group processes.

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What we do


Building healthy and necessary feedback structures.

Caleb Moss

With our investigative consulting approach and energetic facilitation style, we build customized and relevant workshop sessions for your governing body.

we can help you become a dynamic and  high functioning team!

Issue Resolution

Identification and resolution of friction points.